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The senators are also hoping to halt Trump's threat to slap tariffs on auto imports, including those from Japan. It's something Corker acknowledged to reporters when he noted that "doing anything up here is like pushing a major boulder uphill".

The push being pursued by Corker, Toomey and others who have been meeting privately - and with Democrats - would be narrowly crafted legislation requiring congressional approval of the tariffs Trump has imposed in the name of national security. It's unclear how much Democratic support exists and there's now no commitment their House counterparts would follow suit.

The bill is sponsored by Republicans and frequent Trump critics Jeff Flake of Arizona and Bob Corker of Tennessee.

Conservative lawmakers and groups have been pressing McConnell to keep lawmakers in session to address almost 150 federal judicial vacancies - a number Democrats attribute to GOP delaying tactics during President Barack Obama's last years in office.

"Thank God for Leader McConnell's decision to cancel August recess", Sen.

"Joe Manchin is a guy who likes to talk to everybody and listen to them and nearly inevitably, he does what's right for West Virginia", Schumer said. It strictly prohibits the Pentagon from working with any entity that uses telecommunications equipment or services produced by Huawei Technologies Company or ZTE Corporation, which is facing trade law violations over selling sensitive technologies to United States adversaries. "Part of this job is persuasion", said Cornyn. According to Corker, Trump thought that this proposal "takes away his negotiating ability".

But Republican leadership has shown little interest in picking a fight with Trump over tariffs.

Corker's legislation would require the president to submit to Congress any proposal to adjust imports in the interest of national security.

He also said that the USA steel and aluminum industries have "been ravaged" by foreign trade policies, adding that "this is only the first step".

The ruling GOP majority of the Senate suddenly adjourned the Senate's session for the week on Thursday when it became clear that the Republicans could not obtain the 32 votes needed to pass a bill due to the continued absence of a Navy-bound senator that tips the otherwise equally divided chamber membership.

President Trump's low approval ratings and the swirl of controversy around the White House have Republican strategists anxious about the party's standing headed toward the fall.

"We have the worst trade deals ever made and we're going to have now fair trade deals", he said at the Federal Emergency Management Agency headquarters.

Corker isn't alone on his side of the aisle. Sen.

But many Republicans senators hailed the decision, saying they were willing to give up some of their downtime to catch up on the Senate's work.

Republicans, who control both chambers of Congress, are likely anxious that a full five-week break would leave insufficient time to hammer out spending, increasing the possibility of a crippling government shutdown at the height of campaign season.

Sen. Jon Tester, a centrist Democrat running for re-election in Montana, a state easily won by Trump, led the charge against Jackson. Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota.

The majority leader is pointing to what he calls "historic obstruction" by the Democrats.

"The reason is simple: We have too much left to do for the American people", McConnell said during a speech on the Senate floor Tuesday.