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The iPhone maker is expected to release a new version of its wireless AirPods, a revamped HomePod and possibly a pair of high-quality, over-the-ear headphones, Bloomberg reported, citing sources close to the situation. The water resistance is mainly to protect against rain and perspiration, the report said.

The latest report corroborates that rumor but says the latter model will also feature noise cancellation. Speaking of working up a sweat, there are also internal discussions about adding biometric sensors, like a heart-rate monitor, which would be a very handy feature when going for a jog.

Apple is working on a new lineup of audio accessories for 2019, including an updated version of AirPods.

Apple is preparing a more advanced AirPods sequel that's scheduled for release next year. Now, Apple, being Apple, the brand both wants to improve on them and to offer listeners a few more options, according to a new report.

The first product on the docket is the AirPods. However, users won't be able to swim wearing them. They will allegedly sit above the Beats headphones sold by Apple.

Slated for 2019, the earbuds will likely cost more than the existing $159 pair, and that could push Apple to segment the product line like it does with iPhones, one of the people said. Apple reestablished the entire music industry with its line of audio products. Apple originally meant to introduce the headphones by the end of 2018, but has faced development challenges, and is now targeting a launch as early as next year, the people said. Apple may also launch a new case for the AirPods which will support its much-delayed AirPower wireless charging mat.

The report mentions that Apple is working on a follow-up to its HomePod speaker as well, but it does not mention any details about the device beyond the fact that it may arrive "as early as next year". A spokesperson for Apple declined to comment on the leaked information. What direction Apple will take with the HomePod 2 is yet to be determined. The music-focused device was praised by many reviewers for its sound quality, but its market performance is apparently disappointing.