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Anthony Bourdain had reportedly kept a brutal work schedule filming Parts Unknown in the months before his death and was "absolutely exhausted", a source told People.

As reported by Page Six, Bourdain's family is now waiting for the French government to allow the chef's body to be flown back to the USA for burial.

Bourdain's mother told the New York Post that Ripert told her Bourdain had been in a "dark mood" in the couple of days leading up to his shocking death. He called New Orleans chef Emeril Lagasse "Ewok-like", and Guy Fieri's Times Square eatery, Guy's American Kitchen & Bar, a "terror-dome".

"He was a diplomat", she said.

The mom added that the funeral plans for her son are in the hands of his estranged wife, Ottavia Busia Bourdain, because Ottavia is legally still his next of kin.

KATE Spade had enormous wealth, a successful career as a fashion designer and a 13-year-old daughter she adored. "But no, I'm quite sure I can't".

Bourdain became an outspoken supporter of the #MeToo movement after Argento accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault in October. "I stand unhesitatingly and unwaveringly with the women".

Argento wrote on Twitter on Friday that Bourdain 'was my love, my rock, my protector'.

Bourdain died of a suicide in a hotel room near Strasburg, France.

As it was previously reported, his fellow chef and close friend, Eric Ripert, found him dead the next morning when he didn't show up for breakfast.

When someone does say they have been considering suicide, it's important to listen to them, keep them safe and get help from a trained professional.

A French prosecutor said on Saturday that there's no evidence of foul play or violence in Bourdain's death.

"We both work a lot", he said, "and we're both away from home a lot so we're both circus freaks in the same circus-or different circuses I guess".

One episode of Parts Unknown took him to occupied Gaza, where he offered his US audience a glimpse into the brutal conditions of life and the simple dignity with which Palestinians attempt to exist.

'You actually don't really believe it.

"They said we'll call you back".

"Mr. Bourdain knew the chef, Monsieur Nasti", the waiter told the Times, referring to chef Oliver Nasti.

'They looked like they were pretty happy'.

"Recent tragedies and the [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] report on increased suicide rates from last week are the kinds of things that put a giant lump in your throat and a hole in your heart", Schumer said, referring to a startling new CDC report that found that New York State has seen a roughly 30 percent jump in suicides since 1999 - an increase on par with the national average. "Success beyond his wildest dreams".

But while undeniably glamorous, his globe-trotting lifestyle took a toll, he suggested.

"11 million people or whatever he's talking about right now, every restaurant in America would shut down", Bourdain said in an interview with SiriusXM radio. This is how I'll remember Tony.

Outside Les Halles, a French brasserie on Park Avenue in Manhattan, mourners left flowers and poured messaged of hope and sadness into notes about how the chef changed their lives.

"Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly" took Bourdain from the role of great chef to major celebrity. "I want to try everything once".

Bourdain was born in New York City and grew up in New Jersey.

His 1999 New Yorker article, "Don't Eat Before Reading This", brought readers into the NY kitchens where Bourdain worked for years.

British celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay tweeted that he was stunned and saddened by the loss.