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Staff at Tampa International Airport in Florida have helped a dog give birth to eight puppies.

According to an airport spokesperson, a woman and her daughter were on their way to Philadelphia this morning with a pair of service dogs when one of them went into labor.

The Tampa Fire Department also showed up to assist and all eight puppies and mom are now doing well.

The 2-year-old lab went into labor while her owner was waiting to board a flight to Philadelphia.

The owner of the service dog Paramedic Larry Glanton an unidentified woman and Lt Natalie Brown smile for the camera after Ellie delivered all eight of the pups

Van Atter's stepmother, Karen James, told the Times that they knew the golden retriever was pregnant, but believed the excitement of being in the airport around so many new people might have triggered the early births.

Dozens of travelers at the airport were gathered around watching the delivery. "We have seven boys and one girl. which was the last puppy", said Van Atter.

"It's absolutely something I will never forget and the airport will never forget", Van Atter added. The father, another service dog named Nugget, was also nearby.

Due to the unexpected birth, the woman and her daughter missed their flight.