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US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Friday that if North Korea agrees to surrender its nuclear arsenal, Washington will work with Pyongyang to rebuild its tiny economy.

Three Korean-Americans who were detained in North Korea for more than a year were greeted by President Donald Trump beneath a giant American flag after they returned to the mainland us early Thursday.

Kang praised the upcoming summit between Trump and Kim, calling for continued cooperation between South Korea and the U.S.in the weeks leading up to the June 12 summit.

In North Korea's bombastic rhetoric, "denuclearization" has, for years, been a byword for USA troop withdrawals from South Korea.

Trump said that he looks forward to seeing Lee in Singapore soon.

Sanders said Trump is going into the meeting with Kim with "eyes wide open", meaning that he has not made any predictions about what course the talks might take.

"We've picked a time".

Since Mr Trump announced plans to hold a summit with Mr Kim, questions have been raised continually about whether the two leaders have the same objective in mind when they speak about "denuclearisation".

"I'm very honored to have helped the three folks", he said.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told North Korea's top diplomat that he wanted to end decades of conflict with the Hermit Kingdom and collaborate to achieve peace.

But any overseas location would have to be within the range of Kim's 1970s-era Chammae-1 private jet, which can fly stably non-stop for only up to around 5,000 kilometers (3,100 miles). But the Southeast Asian nation also took part in the global community's sanctions on Pyongyang for its nuclear and missile provocations. North Korea is expected to demand some form of relief nearly immediately. It has developed into one of Asia's most affluent nations.

The Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore is being talked about as a possible venue.

Journalists from South Korea, China, the U.S., the United Kingdom and Russian Federation will be asked to attend to witness the event.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in's administration is conducting its own efforts to normalize ties on the divided peninsula and secure lasting peace. It can be said that Trump's decision to choose a third-party country by attaching importance to neutrality was wise.

Since the foundation of North Korea in 1948, the country has endured war and struggled to balance rival Soviet and Chinese spheres of influence.

Trump's high-profile meeting offers a glimmer of hope of a breakthrough, according to Republican Senator Cory Gardner, who discussed preparations for the summit with Trump at the White House on Wednesday.

Can Trump and Kim strike a deal to halt North Korea's nuclear aggression?

One of the three, who appeared to be Kim Dong Chul, spoke for the group, saying "It's like a dream and we are very, very happy".

While both South Korea and Japan welcomed the news of the Americans' release, the two countries are still waiting for word on their own citizens held or abducted by North Korea. The other two were arrested after Trump's inauguration last spring amid rising tensions between Washington and Pyongyang.

Mr Trump announced the date and place of the summit earlier this week, hours after he welcomed home three USA detainees released from North Korea.