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A Philadelphia woman who was punched by an officer on a New Jersey beach says allegations that she spit on police are untrue.

"Emily Weinman is charged by the police department with serious offenses that could result in exposure to a prison term of 5-10 years".

Weinman refuses to give her last name to the officers and walks away. "You're about to get dropped". "Once the officer says "you're under arrest", he has to continue with that arrest".

When he tries to arrest her, she resists and hurls expletives as they struggle in the sand.

"Get off of me, don't pull my hair, what are you doing?" She tried kicking at us, so I slammed her on the ground. Weinman was apprehended after she refused to provide her last name to the officers. She told officers the bottles belonged to her aunt.

Weinman's lawyer, Stephen Dicht, said after viewing the body cam videos, "I don't think it puts the police in a good light".

"First of all, there was an issue regarding underage drinking so the age right there tells you that she must give up her name". Weinman screams that she's being choked and begins to flail her arms and legs before the officer announces "That's it" and begins striking her.

"This matter is still under investigation, however, in an effort to insure transparency with the public we serve, it was imperative that this video be released as soon as feasibly possible", Wildwood police said in a statement.

Weinman, who was at the beach with her 18-month-old child and her boyfriend, was accused of having alcoholic iced tea in her possession. "I didn't do anything to get written up, did I?"

Prior to the police footage being released, Twitter user Hewitt Lexy posted video of the incident on Saturday, that showed an officer using excessive force.

She says she failed a breathalyser test, but denied she had been drinking the contents of the bottle she had on her. You can see Weinman and the officer collide, knocking off the body camera.

Police say Weinman forcibly struck the officer in the torso where the body camera was mounted and caused the camera to turn off. The officers involved in Weinman's arrest have been identified as patrolmen Thomas Cannon, John Hillman, and Robert Jordan. "Even NJ Governor Phil Murphy has said that the video was 'pretty darn disturbing, '" NJ Criminal Trial Attorney, Bob Stahl tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY.

Officials have defended the officers' actions in the arrest, but Wildwood and the county prosecutor's office are continuing an investigation of the incident.

Weinman has a summons to appear in court on June 15.