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This could be bad news for those that were hoping for a more chat-oriented app direct in the system.

Nintendo is continuing to offer online play for free to Nintendo Account holders until the paid service launches this year.

Nintendo has announced the first official details for their Nintendo Switch Online service, which we now know will go live in September 2018. One of the big issues for Nintendo Switch gamers right now is that if your console breaks in (or out of) warranty, you lose all your local save data meaning all your game progress is lost. Family pricing comes in just 12 month package for $34.99, but this will let you share a subscription with up to seven other accounts (both adult and child) that are in a "family group" - you can create these from 15th May. Nintendo Switch Online enables you to play certain games online with your friends or with others. In addition to providing cloud-based saves-an important update for fans frustrated by Switch's lack of backup options-Switch Online will come with free access to 20 classic games including Balloon Fight, Dr. Mario, Super Mario Bros. Friends can also watch friends online play the games, and can allow other friends to take control of the game at any time.

NSO services are tied to a Nintendo Account - thus, if you have two separate users on the same Switch, you can't use one Account for both (necessitating the family plan).

Nintendo announced this week that it will launch Switch Online, a new subscription service for Switch players including new features and classic games, this September, adding to a gaming experience that's already been immensely successful for the world's most famous video game company.

Ever since the Nintendo Switch was released, Nintendo has been promising an online subscription service. For example, online play in games like ARMS and Splatoon 2 are only available via the service. Nintendo has listed ten titles, with ten more incoming, that will be available as part of the service. There's more value for committing to a longer time period, though, as three months will cost $7.99, and a whole year for $19.99. One great feature, now lacking that will be included, is cloud backup for game saves. We'll find out more after launch.