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For National Police Week, the Odessa Police Department and other local law enforcement agencies will be hosting a memorial service to honor fellow officers who have been killed in the line of duty.

We want to take this time to pay our respects to all police officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty and those working the streets on a daily basis.

Law enforcement officers from throughout the county, the families and descendants of deceased officers and the public are invited to gather in front of the New Castle police station at 303 E. North St. for the observance.

There are no names on the new Norton Police Memorial, and Police Chief Brian Clark said he hopes there never will be.

Since record keeping, more than 500 police officers and deputies have died in the line of duty in Alabama. "But despite the challenges that we're confronted with, I'm optimistic as the District Attorney that the good people still outnumber the bad, that there are strong families in our county, that our school are strong and play an important role in maintaining law and order in our society", McMahon said.

Coe said the death of the Chippewa County Sheriff's Deputies were recently discovered through research.

The names are added to the wall as the sites are updated.

"The wooden tiles are inscribed with wood etching done by Sylvester" s Decorated Apparel.

Pictures of several fallen officers were displayed at the bottom steps as Burke spoke the last lines of his introduction.

He said his aunt and uncle were kids when it happened and very few relatives are left to come to the memorial service and place a flower on the memorial.

Investigator John Cunningham, 53, suffered a fatal heart attack on Wednesday, January 15, 1986, shortly after completing a required 45-minute physical training exercise at the Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy. "It's kind of sad when nobody's there", Kraklau said.

Rome City Commissioner Craig McDaniel announced the gathering, set for 11 a.m. outside the Joint Law Enforcement Center, 5 Government Plaza, and urged residents to attend.

Now, the internet and websites have sped up the process, along with research officers do on their own departments.

"It's getting to be a lot more risky", said Gray. This year, Police Week runs from May 13 to May 19.