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Israeli forces shot tear gas, rubber bullets, and live rounds at crowds gathered near the Israel-Palestine border in Gaza on May 4, as protests continued into their sixth week.

The Times report is mainly about an effort by some of the the Gazan marchers to set kites on fire, and fly them over the border to ignite fields on the Israeli side - what the Times calls a "battle plan" - that failed because the winds blew in the wrong direction.

According to the United Nations agency, over the past five weeks, five children were killed and hundreds more injured in largely peaceful protests along the border with Israel.

A Palestinian protester hurls stones at Israeli solders near the fence after they burn tires during a protest at Gaza's border with Israel. No Israeli civilian or military forces have been killed or injured.

The Israeli Army has faced criticism over using live fire against the protesters and in its defence, it said the action was being taken only when the protesters reached the limits.

The protesters are demanding the lifting of the 10-year blockade of the territory by Israel. Rights groups say Israeli open-fire regulations are unlawful because they permit troops to use potentially lethal force against unarmed protesters.

Black smoke billowed over a protest camp east of Gaza City where Palestinians burned tyres and flew kites, at least one carrying a Molotov cocktail meant to set fire to nearby Israeli fields.

Israel said it's defending its sovereign border, including nearby communities, and that soldiers only target instigators. The young man goes on to encourage the others to damage the fence and cross through it. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians fled or were displaced in the 1948 war over Israel's creation.

The weekly marches also press for a "right of return" of Palestinian refugees and their descendants to what is now Israel.

"While some Palestinian demonstrators have thrown stones and other objects towards the fence, it's hard to believe how this would be an imminent danger to the lives of well-equipped soldiers protected by snipers, tanks and drones", Amnesty International has said.

Hamas officials have given conflicting statements about a possible mass border breach on May 15.