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Kilauea, which is one of the planet's most active volcanoes, has driven nearly 2,000 people out of their homes with the latest explosion and dismantled 36 structures, including 26 homes. The ongoing eruption has already forced hundreds of residents out of their homes.

Moran says USGS and Pierce County officials are working to improve the volcano and lahar warning system.

The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, which includes the crater and surrounding region, announced Wednesday that it will shut down Friday in anticipation of the possible explosive event.

Emergency authorities battling lava flows and gas erupting from Hawaii's Kilauea volcano have told some residents to "go now" as a new fissure opened and more structures were destroyed. He says it would be "very hazardous" if a volcanic vent were to open under the facility where the fuel is stored.

There is also potential for ash and sulfur dioxide emissions.

The risk of explosions is the latest possibility in a chain of events that began April 30 with the collapse of a lava-filled crater 12 miles east of the summit.

A new view tonight showing the core of the Kilauea volcano on Hawaii's big island. If you're within several miles, you could be within range of smaller rocks the size of marbles, he said, and 20 miles downwind "you would see fine ash floating from the sky like snow".

After facing lava and toxic gas from the Kilauea volcano eruption on Tuesday, Hawaii residents are being warned the worst is yet to come. "All Lanipuna residents must evacuate now", the agency said in its bulletin on Wednesday, adding that the two vents had opened near two road intersections and were "actively erupting".

Volcanic activity resumed on the Big Island of Hawaii early Tuesday evening, causing further destruction and prompting new safety concerns in the wake of last week's eruption, authorities said.

In the announcement of the supplemental proclamation today, the administration said Ige instructed the administrator of the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency, Hawaii County Mayor Harry Kim, and Hawaii Civil Defense Agency Administrator Talmadge Magno to "lead a team to develop and implement mitigation steps as necessary to protect public health and safety".

In recent years the volcano has mostly released lava in hard-to-reach areas inside a national park or along the coastline.

Andrew Nisbet has no idea what happened to his house since he left it.

"I'm in the safest part in the subdivision". But he's prepared in case the situation takes a turn. "I walked out onto my deck and I heard this sound, it sounded like whoosh, whoosh", said Northway.

There are 14 lava-and-gas producing fissures in Leilani Estates. By Monday, slow-moving lava flows had consumed 35 homes in a community of 1,500 people. Different footages show the fumes and gases coming out from the fissures and lava destroying everything coming in its path.