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Sacramento and Phoenix were among eight teams which blatantly positioned themselves to get a high pick in this year's lottery.

The Nuggets have never moved up in the National Basketball Association draft lottery in franchise history.

And since we've got the NBA Draft on our minds, why not make it the topic of discussion for this week's Trivia Tuesday? If the Suns, who have a 25 percent chance of getting the top spot and a 64.2 percent chance of being in the top three, end up with the second overall pick, this would feel a lot like when the Los Angeles Lakers got the No. 2 pick and set themselves up to take Lonzo Ball this time a year ago.

Ironically, the Cavs are in the lottery thanks to the Brooklyn pick they received in the Irving trade with the Celtics.

Either way, Philadelphia has to be thrilled over this first-round pick of Los Angeles finally coming into play after all of these years since there will be plenty of great prospects to consider if they do end up with the selection.

Lately, teams have taken to bringing good luck totems and other various things, or even sending certain people as representatives in an odd effort to influence a drawing that has already taken place.

The Magic is listed with an 8.8 percent chance of landing the No. 1 pick and a 29.1 percent chance of getting a top three pick. And after missing the playoffs by one game this season, they'll need a miracle to land the No. 1 overall pick.

When the NBA Draft Lottery, aka the way the NBA can dictate who ends up with top players in the draft (wink, wink), goes down on Tuesday night, one team will bring a face from the past with them as they hope for a lucky bounce of a ping pong ball.

The Los Angeles Clippers have two picks in this year's lottery. 2 or 3, it will go to the Boston Celtics.