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Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans were not happy when Fox made the announcement that the show was being canceled after season five.

Greenblatt believes his new existing sitcom actually fits better on NBC than it did on Fox - after all, Mike Schur, Dan Goor and Samberg all first came to fame under the Peacock's plumage.

On a call with reporters (via Deadline), NBC Entertainment Group chief Bob Greenblatt said Brooklyn Nine-Nine "fits into our brand of comedy, in many ways better than it ever fit on Fox".

Fox will introduce an equal number of shows next season, including "The Cool Kids", an ensemble comedy about rebellious friends in a retirement community. It did so well and it certainly did remind us that we have a huge iconic comedy star in our fox family in Tim Allen.

When Allen's program, in which he plays a sporting-goods retail executive and father of three daughters who sneers at political correctness, was canceled previous year, conservative pundits claimed it was done in by Hollywood liberals who disagreed with star's own right-leaning political views. In turn, he never really got to process the cancellation as much as the others did. "You take these things one decision at a time", he responded.

"Since we sold a show to Fox, I wished I had made it". When Fox said that it would not be renewing the series for season 6, fans emerged on social media to launch a protest campaign.

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Meyers also poked fun at television's recent penchant for resuscitating shows of yesteryear. "And five years ago, when NBC passed on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, we went elsewhere. We were emboldened by the response we saw on 'Roseanne.' We saw it as an opportunity to pair those two shows together on Friday night". "It wouldn't have happened without you". Premiere of the 1st season took place in autumn 2013.

"We always wondered how it would do if it was prioritized more", she said. (As well as maybe gave some people flashbacks to Fox cancelling such gems as Firefly and Arrested Development.) Perhaps it even means the series will work to get the famous Star Wars actor on for a cameo or role next year? Since Fox is no longer, or soon won't be, the owner of the show.