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Players are set to get access to a slew of new features and changes, including a Company of customizable characters, the ability to lie on one's back, additional game modes, support for destroying the environment, and more.

There's no Premium Pass in #Battlefield V.

The trailer kicks off with a bang, as a group of soldiers rushes to a house while their vehicle is attacked, losing allies and dodging bullets the entire time. Players' soldiers can now tow stationary weapons, build fortifications and fix war-torn structures to turn the battlefield to the player's advantage. This provides players with new ways to play and new content.

"Battlefield V is a homecoming for DICE as a studio-a return to the era that came to define the Battlefield franchise". As DICE emphasized throughout the event, they want to take us on a "journey" through various "themed chapters" and "key moments" of World War II - all of us, together.

64-Player Multiplayer in the Chaos of All-Out War - Lead your Company in all-out multiplayer with new experiences like the massive Grand Operations mode. Unlike certain past titles in the series, this will be the first Battlefield game that is fully set in World War 2. Deluxe Edition owners will gain early access on October 16, Origin Access and EA Access subscribers will receive a Play First trial on October 11. In that you got a few expansions (usually four) for a discounted price, as well as a few other perks like regular battle packs and priority queuing for multiplayer servers. Dice also stated that the game is not pay-to-win. More information about Grand Operations will be shared at E3 next month.

If you go one step further and pre-order the Deluxe Edition, you'll receive the following items in addition to early access to the Open Beta. Xbox is the console marketing partner for Battlefield V and NVIDIA is the PC marketing partner.

Kicking off at 9pm, BST, EA and Dice are providing players with their first glimpse at the new shooter.