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Like other tech giants, Apple is keen to get into the vehicle space, with Tim Cook a year ago saying that autonomous systems are "a core technology" that the company views as "very important". According to the DMV figure, Apple has bigger self-driving auto fleet in California than Waymo, Toyota, BMW and many more that has makes it the second largest fleet in the state.

According to the Department of motor vehicles California, now registered in the state of unmanned vehicles is 409 units, a license for their testing got nearly 1600 drivers.

Apple rapidly grew out its fleet from three in April 2017. The number is up from 27 vehicles back in January this year. The company hasn't been allowed to test self-driving cars without a human safety driver behind the wheel just yet. Apple actually has more self-driving cars in testing than self-driving pioneers such as Waymo (51) and Tesla (39), as well as big automotive companies like BMW (12), Toyota (11), and Mercedes Benz (5). Apple may have more self-driving cars than Waymo in California, but Waymo likely has more overall. That puts it four cars ahead of the latest figures we have for Waymo, Alphabet's self-driving vehicle division thought to be among the leaders in the sector. The fact that it's adding more cars to its fleet suggests that this new line of thinking is working out for it.

Chief Executive Officer at Apple, Tim Cook called self-driving a core technology that we view as very important.

But driverless auto permits may soon be issued by the DMV; after the DMV's Office of Administrative Law approved the driverless testing regulations in February, the DMV was able to approve applications for driverless vehicle permits starting on April 2.