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The Israeli premier said he would visit Guatemala on his next visit to Latin America.

Guatemala on Wednesday opened its embassy in Jerusalem, becoming the second country to do so. It was the bloodiest day in the Hamas-run enclave since a 2014 war with Israel.

Clouds of black smoke from tires set alight by demonstrators rose in the air.

We're asking you: Do you think moving the embassy was a good idea? The Trump administration has said the city's final borders should be decided by the parties.

Kushner said it was possible for both sides in the conflict to gain more than give in any peace deal.

The Palestinians, who seek east Jerusalem as their capital, have cut off ties with the Trump administration and say the U.S.is unfit to serve as a mediator.

Trump's move broke with decades of worldwide consensus that Jerusalem's status must be negotiated between the parties, drawing near global condemnation.

The US, however, blocked a statement drafted by Kuwait calling for an independent investigation into the killings of Palestinian protesters in Gaza and calling on countries not to station their diplomatic missions in Jerusalem.

The timing of Monday's events was deeply symbolic to Israel and the Palestinians.

The Pentagon confirmed it had deployed additional U.S. Marine guards to temporarily bolster security at several U.S. embassies after the violence but declined to say which ones.

Wednesday's development comes amid widespread anger and protests in the occupied Palestinian territories, commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Nakba, or Catastrophe. But the embassy move has sent a firm message that the US believes the controversial holy city rightfully belongs to Israel.

Morales chose to relocate the country's embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in December, after a similar announcement was made by US President Donald Trump.

Following in US' footsteps, Guatemala opens its embassy in Jerusalem, despite global condemnation.

"What a glorious day".

"You are always among the first, always among the first.We remember our friends, and Guatemala is our friend - then and now", Netanyahu went on, recalling that Guatemala was the second nation, after the U.S., to recognize Israel in May 1948.