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This year, it will be observed today - May 13. Though only one day is celebrated in honour of all mothers, the works that they do, no celebration can compensate it. Nannies happen to know the children's characters more than their biological parents do. And to all the mothers who've raised them, we recognize it's often a hard, exhausting and thankless job, and we thank you for selflessly doing it anyway.

On this day, people on social media not only wrote about their love for their mothers but also enlisted the things they are grateful to her for. Every day, seven days a week, for about four months, Mom got up with me in the early morning hours, helped me fold my papers and load them into the auto for delivery. A simple, short, and full of emotions mothers day message will make her day. She may have helped with homework, taken us to soccer games and band practice, swimming lessons and the dentist.

While versions of Mother's Day are celebrated worldwide, traditions vary depending on the country.

Nothing in this world can be borne without a mother.

"Mom", I replied, "there are some other moms who might disagree with you".

On the occasion of Mother's Day on Sunday, filmmaker Karan Johar says he is proud to be a mother to his children Roohi and Yash.

Madeline Gerein was born
Madeline Gerein was born

"To my handsome Mother, words can't express how you sacrifice me and our family". The feelings you feel don't have to be good ones to be honored. And I got my first handwritten card today.

I remember your peace rose by the front steps; the one that made the neighbors jealous because of its huge and plentiful pale yellow blooms. She had one child after another, four of her five kids in less than seven years.

Your hug is my safest place in this whole world mom. In the late summer of 1994, I became "Mr. Mom" to a 17-year-old daughter. But I think maybe more than anything else, they sacrifice their independence - they sacrifice their autonomy.

Getty Jade Tolbert and daughter Emerson Tolbert Celebrate Mother's Day At Lord & Taylor Fifth Avenue on April 26, 2018 in New York City. Your mom would be so happy to see that you support and appreciate motherhood so well, in fact, nothing would make her happier than this. "To a family, you are the world". Perhaps you have a woman in your life who's given a child up for adoption, or alternately know someone who's lost a child. She absolutely deserves more than one day. If you waited until yesterday to buy your Mother's Day card, shame on you.

Sonu Sood: Wish you could feed me all my life. But that means that yes, once a year I expect my husband to bring it and celebrate me as the mother of his children. I am so lucky to have you my fantastic mom!

Bruhns will be in Grafton this Mother's Day to speak about the annual holiday. The unchanging role of the mother remains today what it was more than a century ago: A true mother loves her children, no matter what. You have turned a notorious kid into a smart individual.