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The planned South America trip was meant to see Trump attend the Summit of the Americas in Lima, the capital city of Peru.

President Donald Trump plans to send Vice-President Mike Pence to an upcoming summit in South America the president has chose to skip.

President Donald Trump's decision to skip a summit in South America might hinder his policy goals in the region.

Mr. Trump said Monday he would "forcefully" respond to an alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria and would soon decide how.

Trump's new national security adviser, John Bolton, advocated that Trump stay in Washington in the aftermath of the attack, said one of the officials.

The latest development came after an apparent chemical weapons attack on civilians in Syria, killing dozens of women and children.

The US has strongly opposed the chemical attack, accusing Iran and Russian Federation of backing the Syrian government that is being held responsible for carrying out the attack.

The Acting Secretary will also engage with members of Cuban and Venezuelan independent civil society, regional business leaders, and U.S. Embassy staff.

Trump is also annoyed that the FBI investigators have raided the office and hotel room of his personal lawyer, which the President said was "disgraceful" of them, although they were just doing their jobs and they do have cause to suspect this lawyer of various wrongdoings. The list of South and Central Americas leaders slated to attend who Trump has panned includes the leaders of Mexico, Honduras and Cuba.

This will be the second trip to the region for Vice President Mike Pence. Trump has vowed to respond "forcefully", warning that Russian Federation or any other nation found to share responsibility will "pay a price". It would been Trump's first visit to Latin America as president. The U.S.is working to coordinate Latin American countries on a pressure campaign against Venezuela's government.