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The videos you capture should benefit from Spectacles V2's improved audio quality, but probably one of the most exciting things about the new Spectacles is that you can now capture photos with them as well. With almost all of the 3.5 billion Snaps captured every day, taken on a phone, the company wants to take a leadership role as camera technology evolves, he said. Users will still need to import photos and videos from their "Memories", connect their device to a WiFi network, and wait for their content to download. Snaps you capture will transfer to Snapchat up to four times faster, and always in HD.

The new Snap Spectacles are the second generation of the company's wearable. New Spectacles owners will be able to record 10 seconds of video with a single press of a button, or up to 30 seconds of content with another press. But the fervor soon fizzled, and the company disclosed a year ago that it was sitting on hundreds of thousands of unsold pairs and took a $40 million loss on the glasses. If the new features and upgrades sound like enough to convince you to give Spectacles a second chance, you can buy a pair right now on Spectacles.com for $150.

Snap Inc. (NYSE:SNAP), a Technology sector firm, traded 46.67 Million shares in last trading session and stock shed -6.97% with closing price of $14.54 per share. There's also the whole idea that it will be much more hard for those companies to copy hardware ideas than it is simply adding a new feature like stories. Their charging case is also getting shrunk. The glasses are now water resistant and come in onyx, ruby, and sapphire. Moreover, users in the United States are able to order prescription Spectacles if they desire. The overall design has been slimmed down, the charging case is smaller, and the yellow ring around the camera lens is gone.

The final improvement is the fact that the Snapchat Spectacles 2 are now safe to take into the water - allowing you to safely dive into a pool wearing them or splash around in the ocean. For the first time, through a partnership with Lensabl users can order Spectacles with prescription lenses.