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In the interview, Lieberman said that Russian Federation already has air-defense systems in Syria. He said Israel is concerned about moves by Iran and Syria, not Russian Federation.

The Western strikes were in retaliation for a suspected chemical weapons attack in the town of Douma that killed more than 40 people on April 7.

Social media sites that monitor global air traffic reportedly tracked at least two Syrian Air Force IL-76 cargo jets flying between Iran and Syria this week.

And now, according to Sputnik, the investigators, who spoke with Russian General Staff Col. Gen. Sergey Rudskoy, revealed that they had found no evidence of chemical weapons in the remains of research facilities that were supposedly integral to the Syrian Army's chemical weapons program.

Immediately after the attacks, many people who worked at these destroyed facilities and just bystanders without any protective equipment visited them. They accused the regime leader Bashar al Assad of using chemical weapons, possibly a nerve agent.

Russia's Defense Ministry announced Wednesday that the planned delivery of an S-300 air defense system to Syria will be completed in the "near future", They did not provide an exact date, though Russian Federation is interested in shoring up Syria's air defense capability. The U.S., France and Britain also blamed the Syrian government, and launched punitive airstrikes a week after the attack. Previous reports had said Moscow could supply Damascus with the S-300 system, a development that has troubled Israeli officials as the surface-to-air missile can lock onto targets deep inside Israeli airspace.

Russian Federation will supply Syria with new air defense systems, the RIA Novosti news agency said Wednesday, quoting General Sergei Rudskoy, chief of the Main Operations Directorate of the General Staff.

"What's important to us is that the defensive weapons the Russians are giving Syria won't be used against us", Lieberman told Israeli news website Ynet.

Would not the United States missile attack be identical to a chemical weapons attack and thus place the United States and its vassals in the same category as Washington is attempting to place Assad and Putin? Russia's bases in the country have elements of each system, but so far Moscow has not attempted to stop US airstrikes on its ally. More recently, Israel has warned that it will not accept a permanent Iranian military presence in Syria.

"One thing should be clear - if someone fires on our planes, we will destroy them", Lieberman was reported by Haaretz as saying.

European Union diplomatic chief Federica Mogherini urged Moscow and Tehran, Assad's key supporters, to help bring him to the negotiating table, saying they had a duty to help wind down the war, now in its eighth year.

"We are seeing an escalation in military activities, which is exactly the contrary" to what they promised, Mogherini said.