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"Gmail can also recommend when to unsubscribe from mailing lists".

Revealing the new-look G Suite today, Google doubled down on efforts to help users manage email overload - if not to achieve inbox zero - and stay on top of their to-do lists with a new Tasks feature that syncs across Gmail and Google Calendar.

But let's start from the beginning.

The new web Gmail experience is launching today on the web.

The majority of the functionality detailed above is accessible through a menu that appears when you hover over individual emails in your inbox. This might be because you've used the new " snooze' feature, or the AI (yes, it was inevitable that AI would be involved) has noticed that it isn't just another circular from a clothes shop you once bought a pair of trousers from five years ago. You can also look into the attachments without opening up the email. If you want to opt out, you can go back there and choose "Go back to classic Gmail".

One handy feature Gmail has borrowed from Inbox is "Quick Actions". There's no way to get to it when you're actually reading an email. However, in the mail came some new features. And just in case you're targeted by malware, the new Gmail has built-in features that make it clearer you're potentially in trouble if you click on a message. There is now a new feature called confidential mode, which allows users to protect sensitive information in emails by creating expiration dates or revoking previously sent messages. It is prohibited to forward, copy or download a letter; it can destroy it over time or require you to enter a password to read. "Confidential Mode" will, for starters, prevent recipients from sharing the email's content. You can also set messages to expire after a while, which could prove useful on numerous occasions.

As we mentioned, this new update has costed Google a hefty amount. Since a very long time, there has been no update to the Gmail's UI or its related app. You can store up to 90 days of emails and search through them, for example.

The new capabilities will begin to roll out immediately, Google says.

Meanwhile, recent high-profile corporate data breaches have increased desire to lock down email.

When you have so many people using software, it can be hard to make everyone happy.

You need to go to the cog wheel in the top right corner of Gmail and select "Try the new Gmail" to enable these settings.

Finally, and most importantly, Gmail is introducing a number of new security options. You can still sort and filter emails into different folders/categories.

It's all pretty clever then - and while Google admits it still won't make your emails completely bulletproof (there's nothing to stop you literally taking a photo of your screen with your phone), it will reduce opportunities for crimes of convenience. Inbox by Gmail already has Smart Reply built in as well. Having these on hand means you don't have to switch browser tabs so often.

With phishing attacks, ransomware and impersonation attacks all serious threats organisations face, Google has also taken the opportunity to improve security.

Big changes are coming for the millions of workers who use G Suite, the professional version of Gmail and Google's other productivity apps.