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But what if this suddenly starts crashing? That's what's happening and users are blaming Facebook for interrupting their mission of finding their soulmate online.

To show its support for City ahead of Saturday's Manchester derby, Tinder will switch its colours across all its social platforms to sky blue. As regular profiles gradually evolve and now include videos, Tinder is trying to give users the chance to better express their personality and get a better idea of potential matches.

In a statement to technology blog The Verge, Facebook confirmed it was trying to address the problems.

To register for Tinder, users must their profiles to a Facebook account for verification and profile details. It's a much-needed change in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica privacy debacle, but alas, it's apparently having some unintended consequences, like locking people out of their Tinder accounts.

On Wednesday, a sudden change in Facebook's policy crashed The Tinder app, temporarily deleted users' matches and messages, and sent Tinderers into shear panic.

Popular dating app Tinder was briefly broken for some users on Wednesday due to outages in its Facebook login process.

Users can visit tinder.com, where their previous matches and chat history can still be found.

Roderick Hsiao, a senior software engineer at Tinder, tweeted that users could still access the service through its web browser while engineers worked on fixing the mobile client.

So if you have a lot of dating app experience and think you're up for the job, you can sign up here. Well, you can of course loop it. "Bravo to Facebook for being considerate of their only valuable product". Users only have to wait and see what the fate does their online dating holds for the future. Thus, encouraging the people on Tinder to try out Loops seeing as they won't have to remove a picture in order to add a Loop. So now that Facebook is tweaking the way in which it works with these independent apps, things are getting a bit hairy.