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According to leaked screenshots, it will feature a Material Design with responsive visual with a Pinterest-style layout. Their grounds for demanding the deletion of the search results were that some of the results were allegedly inaccurate, while all of them were in breach of the so-called Right To Be Forgotten, established after an European Union court ruling in 2014 that a Spanish man was entitled to have search results about his criminal past deleted. He had been convicted of conspiracy to intercept communications more than a decade ago, and Google refused to honor his request.

Judge Mr Justice Mark Warby ruled in favour of NT2 at London's Royal Courts of Justice, based on his having shown remorse, but denied NT1's case, claiming he continued to mislead the public.

NT 1 and NT 2 had sought to have links to articles about criminal convictions relating to their separate business activities and dating back more than 10 years removed under data protection law and the tort of misuse of private information.

"I think I just didn't want to believe that Google could be evil", she says in the latest episode of the Decrypted podcast.

"He remains in business, and the information serves the objective of minimizing the risk that he will continue to mislead, as he has in the past", the court said.

Toby Stephens Molly Parker LOST IN SPACE
Toby Stephens Molly Parker LOST IN SPACE

It is being speculated that Google is not deleting any emails, instead, it is simply destroying the go-between links so that the content can't be read.

"The right to be forgotten is meant to apply to information that is no longer relevant but disproportionately impacts a person", Jim Killock, the group's executive director, told the BBC. Exposing them to regular email users is less common, though with Google pushing its service not only to the public but businesses as well, Gmail's additions could make it more alluring for companies looking to jump ship with their email service. "We are pleased that the Court recognized our efforts in this area, and we will respect the judgements they have made in this case". The right of people to rehabilitation is an important one.

Google is fighting court cases and privacy regulators across Europe over how far it should go to delete links.

The visual signal not only improves the speech separation quality significantly in cases of mixed speech, but, importantly, it also associates the separated, clean speech tracks with the visible speakers in the video, the researchers said.

Google reported in February of 2018 that from the period between 2014 to 2017, the company received over 2.4 million requests to delist URLs under the right to be forgotten statute.