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The Cuban government has nominated First Vice President Miguel Mario Diaz-Canel Bermudez as the sole candidate for president, guaranteeing that the 57-year-old engineer will succeed Gen. Raul Castro, 86.

A vote was not done by the Cuban people, but instead, a secret vote was held by the Cuba National Assembly, Wednesday, which ended the 60-year Castro family reign.

As Cuba moves to elect a new president, we remember the contributions of Raul Castro to the Cuban revolution.

"There has to be a focus on ties to, links with the people - to listen to the people, investigate the problems that exist and inspire debates about those problems", Diaz-Canel told reporters during recent voting for members of the National Assembly.

The 57-year-old long-standing Communist Party member, if elected, will replace current Cuban president Raul Castro.

Castro will continue to serve as head of the Communist Party, and a year ago traced out a roadmap of party-approved "guidelines" to implement the political and economic reforms he has initiated.

"There are reasons to expect he will be more flexible, more modern", said Arturo Lopez-Levy, a former Cuban government analyst who grew up in Diaz-Canel's hometown of Santa Clara and now lectures at the University of Texas.

This WikiProject is dedicated to brainstorming how we can report on Diaz-Canel, and his effect on Cuba once he assumes office.

As in Cuba's legislative elections, all of the leaders selected Wednesday were selected by a government-appointed commission. Fidel died in 2016, and now Raul is stepping down from the presidency.

Miguel Diaz-Canel has held several responsibilities in the Communist Party of Cuba.

In Miami's Little Havana neighborhood, a small group gathered at the iconic Cafe Versailles, playing Celia Cruz songs and holding signs calling Diaz-Canel a "poisonous rat".

But how much Diaz-Canel will really be running the show remains to be seen. In the early years after the revolution, four men served as president - some for just a matter of days - before the Cuban Constitution was rewritten in 1976 and Fidel Castro became president for the next three decades.

"He's got more to gain than to lose be being [visible] out there", Williams said.

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State-run media and government-controlled Twitter accounts are promoting what is expected to be a historic handover of the presidency to the first non-Castro to lead the country in almost 60 years.