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- Ethan Couch, known for his "affluenza" legal defense strategy as a teenager, was released from jail Monday morning.

Couch, now 20, was released from jail Monday after serving two years sentenced to two years in a Tarrant County jail for violating probation conditions that were set after he pleaded guilty to four counts of intoxication manslaughter in the 2013 case.

He struck and killed four people on the side of a road near Burleson, Tex., a Fort Worth suburb, and a passenger in his vehicle was paralyzed and suffered brain damage. An expert defense witness testified Couch suffered from "affluenza" - being so spoiled by his wealthy parents that he didn't know right from wrong. The pair was caught near Puerto Vallarta days after Christmas 2015 and Couch was eventually extradited back to North Texas on January 28. At that time he was transferred to the adult probation system and given 180 days for each of the four people killed.

He was 16 years old when he killed four pedestrians while driving under the influence in 2013.

A judge then sentenced Couch to ten years of probation, causing outrage among the public.

"We'll continue to watch him because we have a partnership with Tarrant County to make sure that he at least adheres to all his rules of probation when he does get out on Monday".

Drug testing, ankle monitoring, and a curfew are just some of the conditions of Ethan Couch's release.

Couch and his mother were apprehended in Mexico, and he was thrown in jail.

However, everything changed when a video in 2015 showed Couch playing beer pong, a blatant probation violation.

Prosecutors wanted Couch to serve 20 years in jail, but he was sentenced only to probation.

Mothers Against Drunk Drivers issued a statement calling Couch's release "a grave injustice" to the victims of the crash.

Since Ethan's out again, that means his mother could serve more jail time in the case than Ethan has.

Couch's mother is now facing charges of money laundering and hindering apprehension of a felon for helping her son flee to Mexico.

Mother and son were later captured in Mexico and sent back to the US, and a judge in 2016 revoked Ethan Couch's probation.