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The two new models of the iPhone are expected to release in 2018, one with the 5.8 inch OLED iPhone X successor and the other one is the 6.5 inch OLED device to be tagged as iPhone X plus. This construction could benefit by making the screen of the iPhone stronger and much more resistant to cracking and breaking, which indeed would prove to be a much-required improvement.

The upcoming iPhone with 6.1 "LCD is likely to be equipped with a layer of sturdier glass at the front". According to the analyst, the new iPhone uses the cover glass sensor process, where the touch module is attached to the glass instead of being processed.

The new display supposedly would increase the costs to in between 23 dollars and 26 dollars. However, insider information suggests that Apple could ditch 3D Touch for one of its mainstream iPhone models, along with its rumoured budget iPhone SE 2, for this year's lineup. It's this latter device that will be the cheapest model, and in his latest write-up, Kuo adds that it will use new display tech without 3D Touch. Several users remarked that they do not even use the feature and the last time they would have used it would have been out of an accident.

The expulsion of 3D Touch doesn't appear to be excessively fantastical given it's very polarizing - a few clients think that its valuable, while others think that its pointless. According to Ming-chi Kuo, Apple plans to supply all iPhones with the new, more robust glass, including the OLED models, from 2019 onwards. Although Apple's 3D Touch functionality seemed quite elegant, it also had some serious issues. However, Kuo reports that Apple will continue to support this feature on high-end iPhones for at least a year before dropping it completely.