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How many times have you started a YouTube video playing only to open a new tab and look for what to watch next?

The service is kind of a bargain for the small businesses, too. But YouTube is basically doing it for free - well, free with a catch.

YouTube is the world's largest video service and gun enthusiasts have flocked to the site over the years But the company, which is owned by Google, has come under criticism for allowing certain videos about weapons.

The process includes the equipment, script-writing, and filming and editing of the video.

A report from Newsweek said YouTube has enacted a new policy putting restrictions on videos that promote the sale of firearms and accessories.

The company hasn't shared any comprehensive metrics on how well these ads perform, but did note in a blog post a single case study where a custom guitar shop saw a 13x return on ad spend, and a 130 percent increase in revenue from the ad.

"Please be aware that you are prohibited from accessing, possessing or creating any other YouTube accounts". So, to convert users, Cohen shared YouTube's new strategy.

The new approach marks a big cultural shift for YouTube and its parent.

Why YouTube's "frustrating ads" strategy will most likely backfire.

With its past subscription-based services, Google has proven that it has yet to build an appealing streaming music platform. Aggrieved by YouTube's new standards, which prohibit videos that link to firearm sales, instruct viewers on firearm manufacturing, or promote the installation of certain accessories (such as high-capacity magazines), InRangeTV has launched a Pornhub channel, where three of its videos are now available.

So much for changing the music industry's mind about YouTube.

But with native support in a half dozen different Android phone apps, the convenience might just encourage some people to switch to YouTube, at least for the short-form kind of content you'd usually stream from a mobile.