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A Minnesota woman who accidentally shot and killed her boyfriend in a YouTube stunt gone wrong has been sentenced to 180 days in prison after accepting a plea agreement.

Monalisa Perez pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the second degree in exchange for the sentence.

Perez, 20, had agreed to a plea bargain with the prosecutors, which explains why the sentence was below the state guidelines in Minnesota.

MonaLisa will have to spend only 90 days actually in jail and then she will alternate being in and out of prison every 10 days for six months. Between now and 2020, she must serve 30 days in jail each year by June 26, the anniversary of Ruiz's death. She was spirited away by her family after the hearing before reporters could ask questions. She was also banned from owning firearms. She is also forbidden from benefitting financially from the incident and must pay for Ruiz's funeral. He said that his search for fame had only given him "infamy", which would be immortalised by recordings. 22-year-old Ruiz, died at the scene.

Perez told a sheriff's deputy that it was Ruiz who had been pushing his idea for the video, which was recorded by one camera on the back of a parked vehicle and another on a ladder, according to the newspaper.

Perez had previously experimented and thought that the thick book would protect him.

Claudia Ruiz, the victim's aunt, told the Star Tribune that Perez knew what she was doing. She gave authorities the footage from the incident.

"We had talked about this resolution (with Ruiz's relatives), and they indicated they were in support of it", Brue added.

Before the shooting, Perez tweeted: "Me and Pedro are probably going to shoot one of the most unsafe videos ever". An aunt of Ruiz told WDAY-TV she questioned him about the motive behind performing such a stunt and he responded that it was exclusively to attract a YouTube audience.

The couple's YouTube channel had 218 subscribers at the time and included pranks like Perez feeding Ruiz donuts covered in baby powder.

The couple had a YouTube channel in which they did pranks, stunts, and challenges-the idea was to show "the real life of a young couple who happen to be teen parents".