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Now Waymo has confirmed that it is about to kickstart a pilot in Atlanta for self-driving trucks that will be used to cart goods destined for Google's datacenters.

Waymo, a company that develops self-driving vehicles, has announced its self driving trucks will soon be on the road in Atlanta.

Waymo is going to be looking to leverage their already 9-year experience in self-driving technology to truck driving, but even with all their experience, they are going to face some significant competition in the space.

The company's statement explained that the software behind its self-driving passenger vehicles was adapted to allow its big rigs to operate without a driver. Starsky envisions trucks driving autonomously on the freeway, but having a human driver driving the truck remotely at the beginning and end of the trip.

Earlier this week, Uber revealed that it is testing a hybrid freight delivery system that mixes self-driving and driver-operated trucks created to reduce fatigue for truckers and long absences from home.

Though the program will draw on Waymo's learnings from the auto sphere, putting trucks on public roads comes with its own challenges.

Waymo and its parent Google are taking their self-driving trucks to Georgia.

Now that Waymo is free of its long-running legal battle with Uber, it is focusing its attention on more important endeavors; namely spreading its self-driving technology to more platforms. If you live in Atlanta and see one of Waymo's big blue trucks, then, you can rest assured that it isn't operating completely autonomously yet.

However, it isn't just minivans that have gotten the Waymo treatment.

The advent of autonomous trucking has the potential to have an enormous impact on the USA economy as trucks still carry much of the freight hauled across the nation.

"Things like braking, turning, and blind spots are different with a fully-loaded truck and trailer", Waymo writes. The company is reimagining many different types of transportation - from ride-hailing to logistics.