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Throughout the video, the songstress deals with the pressures of red carpet interviews, fame, security guards and her army of fans. The scene then cuts to show her up at street level - where it's raining.

Alone in a fancy powder room, she's making faces at herself in a mirror when three women walk in, and - poof! - suddenly Swift realizes that no one can see or hear her.

In the video, Tay Tay is handed a magical paper that somehow makes her invisible to everyone else which allows her to live the life she's been longing for, dancing around a hotel and the subway without anyone taking notice.

There had been a couple of clues about who the song might be about because of the lyrics, including tidbits about "Third floor on the West Side, me and you / Handsome, your mansion with a view", which some think may be a nod to Joe's hometown of London.

While another wasn't quite so enamored, tweeting, "lorde needs to stop lying to taylor swift and telling her she can dance". Finally, in mid-January, 2018 started off with a bang with the "End Game" video, which featured Swift, Ed Sheeran, and the rapper Future partying at several different locations worldwide. "Delicate" is by far our favorite video from the reputation era as it showcases sadness, vulnerability, and Swift being her true self.

Okay then! Swift delivered her thank-you speech for the award from rehearsals for her forthcoming stadium tour, which kicks off May 8 in Arizona. "I can't get into too much detail".

The "Delicate" video follows up the three previous music videos from the Reputation era.