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Russian Federation is set to veto a US -backed bid for the United Nations to take action on Iran for allegedly supplying weapons to terror groups.

After the Russian veto, US Ambassador Nikki Haley released a statement accusing Russia of protecting "the terrorist-sponsoring regime in Iran" and warned of further action targeting Iran.

With respect to the United Kingdom-drafted resolution on Yemen, Nebenzia said the UN Security Council members did not reach a consensus on key individual wordings.

"We can not concur with uncorroborated conclusions and evidence which requires verification and discussions within the sanctions committee", Russian Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia told the council.

The rival Russian-drafted text presented to the council on Saturday and seen by AFP would extend the sanctions regime on Yemen until February 2019 without any reference to the United Nations report's findings on Iran and possible action targeting Tehran.

Commenting on the veto, a representative of the USA mission to the UN said that the United States would continue telling the world about Iran's harmful actions until Tehran halts its activities, undermining stability in the Middle East.

It also said it was investigating reports that Iranian advisers are working with Houthi forces to fight the Saudi-led coalition.

Even following lengthy talks and after postponing the voting session for several hours to try to agree on an amended version of the initial text, the draft resolution received only 11 votes in favor, two against - Russian Federation and Bolivia - while China and Kazakhstan abstained.

The UK draft would have caused "fracturing of security council and sow discord at a time when the Security Council is in dire need of closing its ranks", he argued, adding that Russia's concerns about the divisive nature of the UK draft were "shared by many delegates".

Describing the situation in Yemen as "very complex", the Chinese envoy also pointed to the lack of proof of Iran's supposed violations.

According to the report, a missile fired into Saudi Arabia in 2017 by the Huthis was made in Iran, though it was unable to definitively identify the supplier.

In March 2015, a Saudi-led coalition began a devastating bombing campaign against the Huthis that the United Nations estimates has killed more than 10,000 people, displaced 2 million, and created the world's worst humanitarian disaster.

But the United States has accused Iran of being the aggressor and has pressed the UN council repeatedly to take action to punish Tehran.

"Such blame games are being played by those who are fanning the flames of war and bloodshed in Yemen".