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In a new blog post on the official PUBG website, game creator Brendan "PlayerUnknown" Greene laid out a development roadmap for what new features and content PUBG Corp. will add to the game in the coming months, including a new map and emote system.

A new 4x4 km map: it's only a quarter of the size of the current PUBG maps, which should result in shorter rounds and a more frenetic experience. There will be new vehicle, environmental and player-centric sounds added, too, like audio for vehicles that skid, rain on vehicle roofs and additional breathing sounds for players depending on whether they're running, aiming down a rifle sight or just holding their breath.

Tweaks like new building textures and game stability should create a more distinct world that's also less laggy, while the addition of emotes will be ideal for pissing off enemies. What could this mean? There are also more (unspecified) character customization options planned, plus new parachute and weapon skins. They're also working on things like better bullet penetration, achievements, an entirely new animation system, a new parachuting mechanic, and better melee combat. And server stability, connection speeds, and dealing with cheaters remains the studio's first priority in 2018.

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"We have not forgotten about our core responsibility to our players-to provide a stable, smooth and secure environment for enjoying a great Battle Royale experience", said Greene.

The new emote system is available by pressing the tilde key (~) and emotes can be selected by left-clicking from the menu wheel. In 2018, PUBG Corp. wants to further improve the live spectator tool but also integrate a replay system for use during matches. We are now polishing and debugging the test build. "This year we plan to build on that foundation and really start to polish our features, squash the remaining bugs and expand the game even further". We can also look forward to a PUBG Developer API, which "will support developers in the community by providing player and match data around gameplay performance". Coming in at nearly a quarter of the size of Erangel, this map promises "higher player density and shorter matches" with a faster-paced, more chaotic experience.

Just like any online game with a huge pool of players and vast popularity, PUBG aims to eventually enter into eSports.