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Saccone told Maria Bartiromo of Fox Business Network in an Election Day interview that Trump is "getting beat up in Washington" by the media, bureaucrats and Hollywood.

The Pennsylvania contest is largely symbolic since the district (which Trump carried by almost 20% points in 2016) will disappear into the mists like Brigadoon when a new statewide redistricting plan takes effect.

The victor replaces Republican Tim Murphy, who resigned in October amid a sex scandal.

President Donald Trump isn't the only candidate tweeting for his preferred candidate in a western Pennsylvania special congressional election. "I'm saying that the president is pushing forward on things that we know have broad-based support and that we can immediately get done, while at the same time we're looking at the best way forward to push these other things through", she said. The seat became vacant when former Republican Representative Tim Murphy admitted to cheating on his wife.

But unions have lined up behind Lamb and hammered Saccone as a union foe during his tenure as a state lawmaker.

Pennsylvania Coal Mine Closing As Special Election For Congress Happens In District Despite the Trump administration's efforts to help the coal industry, mines keep closing. "These people are very happy to have the bonuses that they received".

Saccone spoke to reporters shortly before casting his ballot Tuesday near his home in rural Allegheny County south of Pittsburgh. And he embraces unions, highlighting Saccone's anti-labor record at the statehouse - a noticeable deviation from Murphy's status as a union-friendly Republican.

A Lamb upset would boost Democrats ahead of the November midterm elections. The party controlling the White House typically loses seats in the midterms and an unpopular president makes the Republican challenge even harder.

The vice president argues that Trump's entire agenda is on the line in a race that is being viewed as a bellwether of a challenging midterm election cycle for Republicans.

Saccone spent the final hours of the campaign with Donald Trump, Jr, the president's oldest son, rallying at a VFW hall in his hometown of Elizabeth and warning Republicans that "the left" was energized for all the wrong reasons. Jobs and wages up.

And the more a race is nationalized, the more that race can tell us about voters' moods going into November.

Ironically, in that vote, he positioned himself as slightly more liberal, defeating Westmoreland County commissioner Gina Cerilli who describes herself as a pro-life, pro-gun, and pro-union Democrat.

The Congressional Leadership Fund, a political action committee aligned with House Speaker Paul Ryan, at one point deviated from its Pelosi-bashing scripts to send Democratic voters mailers praising Lamb for opposing new gun restrictions. But most ordinary people - even those who love Trump - don't really talk like he does.

The special election pits Republican state Rep. He resigned last fall.

Today is the special election to fill the vacant 18 Congressional District seat in southwestern Pennsylvania.

Lamb may opt to run for a full two-year term in the new 17th District, which will be more favorable terrain for Democrats, while Saccone could opt for the more conservative 14th District.

Abortion: Lamb personally opposes abortion but backs the Supreme Court's decision legalizing it. They've painted Lamb as a lackey of House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi of California and weak on immigration. While public polling is often wildly off in a special election, other data points such as campaign infrastructure and fundraising point to an advantage for the Democrat in a heavily Republican district.

Polls in the district are open from 7 a.m.to 8 p.m. EDT.

President Donald Trump dominated the district in 2016 and has offered his backing to Saccone.

Trump signs a presidential proclamation on tariffs at the White House in March.