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Monster Hunter: World is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Today Capcom hosted a livestream providing a lot of new information on its massively successful game Monster Hunter World.

Before you dive into that though, you might want to watch Deviljho take on one of the most annoying monsters in the game!

Now shifting things to a much lighter mood... shortly after the arrival of the mean pickle in Monster Hunter: World, we'll be hosting our very first seasonal event: the Spring Blossom Fest. Starting March 22 players will begin to find themselves face to face with Deviljho, a fierce beast whose endless stomach has him in search of any monsters or hunters that lie in his path. Among them will be the introduction of paid appearance change tickets, with 1 free ticket given to all players. Also on the 6th, we'll see the Wyvern Ignition great sword added to the game.

So far as events go, World players can participate in the Spring Blossom Fest which runs from April 6th to April 20th.

Supposedly Capcom plan to release a more detailed version of these notes when the update arrives on March 22, so stay tuned to VG247 - we'll bring you the full notes when they land.

Speaking of player feedback, we have heard your requests to have the ability to re-edit your in-game character, so we're giving everyone one free Character Edit Voucher on March 16.

The new feature finally allows you to change your character appearance after character generation, meaning if you're unhappy with how your hunter looks you can make some changes even if you're in the late-game - no need to restart.

Capcom will be giving away one free voucher on March 16 that will let you edit your hunter's gender and physical appearance.

A quality of life improvement will be added, as well, with the option to return to the gathering hall after a quest has been completed.