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Yesterday, Epic Games sent out the invites to the iOS version of Fortnite to those who signed up to participate in the early trial run of the mobile port. And if you have your invite, get downloading and get playing, let us know what you think! This roll out will continue slowly over the next couple of weeks, and then the publisher should launch Fortnite in the App Store proper for anyone who wants it. Note that this is only the iOS version as the Android version of the game is expected to arrive later.

Fortnite Battle Royale is a hugely popular game that sees up to 100 players dropped onto a fictional island.

That being said, Fortnite iPhone X frame rate appears fluid, but this aspect tends to appear problem-free in most video game trailers.

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. Furthermore, the app does require a constant internet connection. As planned, smoke grenades have been "vaulted", while a new Blitz mode for Battle Royale promises shorter, more aggressive battles.

Cross-play has also been enabled with Fortnite v3.3, but it's not quite clear how it works just yet. The full game will be there for your iOS devices so you can explore each and every feature and function of this game on a mobile platform as well.

Once you've been accepted into the game, you'll receive an email from Epic Games where you can activate your account and subsequently log into the Fortnite app on iOS. Fortnite has tweeted that fans should look out for false invite links and you can see the real links in the tweet below.

If you already have an account for the game, Fortnite will add it to the list and will include all the purchases and upgrades you've made on other devices. Once more is learned about when the Epic Games website will go back online, we'll be sure to update this post.

First and foremost, the game is invite-only for now.

It's an exciting vision, but one that only holds up if Epic itself can make a version of its game that feels whole whether you're playing it on the train with touch controls or in your office with mouse and keyboard.