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Thanks to Optiemus, which handles manufacturing and distribution of all BlackBerry devices in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh. According to a leak by famous tipster Evan Blass, The BlackBerry Ghost will be made by Optimeus and the device will be launched in India soon. For starters, Blackberry doesn't manufacture smartphones now and has sold the rights to TCL, a Chinese smartphone maker, which also manufactures global variants of Blackberry phones. And now we have another BlackBerry on the horizon, and this one is called the BlackBerry GHOST.

Secure phones with great qwerty keyboard come to mind when we think about Blackberry.

Beyond this image, there is not much to tell. One of the major partners for the company is China's TCL Communications, while it is Optiemus in India.

BlackBerry executives made the rather startling declaration in an interview with The Verge when Francois Mahieu and Alain Lejeune from BlackBerry and TCL respectively said that past year was a success for them.

Though the phone will be produced for premium Indian Market, however, it is still unclear whether the Blackberry Ghost will be for other markets too or it will be just available in India.

Despite these abysmal sales figures, BlackBerry and TCL are said to be coming into this year "with a feeling of mission accomplished" " following its first flagship launch as a united venture.

With BlackBerry, that could mean very differently to what's typically expected. No other details including specifications and pricing have been revealed. According to Jeronimo, BlackBerry devices - all of them, not just the KeyOne - achieved a pitiful 850,000 shipments in all of past year.

It seems that the phone's antenna lines are on the side of the device which indicate that the smartphone will feature a metal body and give a premium look to the device.

BlackBerry is making a bezel-less phone in India.