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Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was reportedly investigated by OR cops in 2011 after a woman claimed he sexually assaulted her in a bar.

Police heard Cuban and the woman met at the Barrel Room, in Portland's Old Town area in April 2011, when she asked him to pose for a photograph.

Houze ordered a polygraph test conducted by former Miami Police Detective Sgt. Warren Holmes days after Cuban spoke with McGuire, and the results supported Cuban's denial.

"I filed the report because what he did was wrong", the woman, now married and in her mid-30s, told Willamette Week in a brief interview. "I stand behind that report 1,000 percent".

"These allegations are thoroughly investigated by the Multnomah County District's Attorney's Office and the Portland Police Bureau", Houze said in a statement, as per Willamette Weekly. "Cuban. This incident never happened and her accusations are false".

When police contacted Cuban to discuss the women's allegations seven years ago, Cuban's reaction was considerably less measured. One image is described as "Cuban reaching down towards her buttocks". The detective also noted that the woman's "teeth are clenched, eyes wider than the other pictures and brow raised showing a look of surprise and strain". "The complainant requested documentation and investigation of her complaint but has confirmed with me she will not participate in a criminal prosecution and agrees her claim can not be proven". Brendan McGuire that Cuban was "very drunk" at the night club where the incident is alleged to have occurred. "While in the bar did you stick your finger in any woman's vagina?"

The two doctors, both from the George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Sciences in Washington, D.C., reviewed the allegations in the case.

Cuban also forwarded along the memo written by the prosecutors announcing their decision not to move forward with the case "because the complainant does not want to proceed and I have concluded no crime can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt".