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Ms Holderness supplied a photo of herself with a black eye to the media.

"Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah performed a remarkable about-face on Wednesday after the second major news outlet in a row published allegations of spousal abuse against Rob Porter, Hatch's former chief of staff". The Intercept spoke to both women in an article posted on Wednesday, the same day Porter resigned. Porter and Kelly later discussed the allegations.

White House chief of staff John Kelly also released a statement about Porter. Then, on Tuesday, the paper contacted the White House with questions about Porter's alleged battery. But last week, he emerged when the Daily Mail reported he's dating White House Communications Director Hope Hicks.

Porter announced his resignation on Tuesday and denied the accusations against him, which first appeared in the Daily Mail. By the time the president was fully briefed of the claims against Porter on Wednesday, the once-rising White House star had already resigned, according to the official. But his frustration with Kelly has grown in recent weeks.

Some are wondering if Hicks drafted the statement from Senator Hatch - more on that in a bit.

"My commitment to public service speaks for itself", Porter said.

"These outrageous allegations are simply false", Porter's statement says.

President Trump accused Rep. Adam Schiff without evidence of illegally leaking "confidential information".

That's how the Daily Mail got a statement from Hatch - the White House already had one from him. The White House press office was sent scrambling after more allegations against Porter were made, and several staffers spent the morning preparing to deal with the fallout. Of course, Trump himself has been accused of abuse and sexual harassment.

Trump's press secretary, Sarah Sanders, said Hatch was at the White House for a meeting of members of the Senate Finance Committee.

When John Kelly replaced Reince Priebus as White House chief of staff, Porter's role expanded. Porter's history of domestic abuse reportedly blocked him from receiving a full security clearance.

A federal law enforcement source also confirmed to CBS News that the FBI was aware of the abuse allegations after the background review.

According to a senior official, the 2010 protective order kept Porter from being granted a full security clearance.

Both of Porter's ex-wives told CNN that the Federal Bureau of Investigation interviewed them past year, when Porter was trying to obtain a security clearance, and said they were truthful about their experiences.

The accusations were first reported in the Daily Mail and include accounts of physical and emotional abuse. "I KNOW we are more than the sum of our past circumstances and choices". "You matter. You are enough". Kelly defended those remarks.

Porter is not well known publicly but is often seen on travels with the president outside Washington and in White House meetings.