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While Trump has criticized illegal immigration from Guatemala and other Central American countries, Guatemala did back the United States on a recent foreign policy dispute: Like the U.S., Guatemala announced it was moving its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

The President's brief remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast at the Washington Hilton focused on faith and he did not steer far from the script.

The National Prayer Breakfast is the event during which then-President Obama compared the Crusades to ISIS. "Stand up, Mark. You deserve it - even though you come from Hollywood".

The president pushed his version of Christian nationalism by telling them several places where God is mentioned in American institutions.

Trump's words about religion and following God's teachings came a day after his White House struggled to react to a report that his staff secretary, Rob Porter, physically and otherwise abused his two ex-wives.

Russian officials attended Trump's National Prayer Breakfast in much larger numbers than previously - about three times the number attending a year ago, a spokesman for the group that organizes the breakfast told reporters.

Last year, Trump kicked off his National Prayer Breakfast address thanking Celebrity Apprentice creator/executive producer Burnett, who had introduced him. "And I want to just pray for Arnold, if we can".

Last year, Trump attended the 65th annual breakfast just weeks after his inauguration.

And although Trump rarely attends church himself, the emphasis on the role of God in his vision of America is something with which a growing number of citizens disagree. He appeared to endorse the view that America was founded as a Christian nation when he said: 'Our founders invoked our creator four times in the Declaration of Independence; our currency declares, "In God we trust"; we put hands on hearts when we recite the Pledge of Allegiance and declare, "We are one nation under God"'.

Trump praised the "bravery" of the victims of last year's deadly Las Vegas shooting massacre, noting that "strangers shielded strangers", and he lauded the "acts of generosity and service from teachers, police and others who do good deeds".

Demings, D-Orlando, delivered the prayer to an assembly of religious leaders, foreign dignitaries, USA officials, and President Donald Trump at the annual event at the Washington Hilton. The majority of them were doctors, lawyers and business leaders.