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At the end of January, Sony Interactive Entertainment opened beta sign ups for the PS4's next firmware upgrade, Update 5.50, which will give some fans the chance to test out the new features on the way for the system. This new feature will allow family managers and adults set as guardians to control the playtime of child family members. They can apply restrictions to ensure the child is only playing for a set amount of time or within set playable hours. Here's Sony's official blurb, courtesy of the PlayStation Blog. In the "This PS4" tab, users can see a list of all applications installed on the PS4. Once imported, you can even zoom, crop and preview them in-situ to help get the flawless look on your dashboard. Xbox One added play limits a year ago with the Creators Update, and the Xbox One X hardware has been able to supersample games since last November. To avoid saving woes or untimely quitting, the child will be notified during gameplay before playtime is over.

Meanwhile, the update lets you import your own images via USB stick to use as custom wallpapers. There will also be a "PS Plus" tab that sorts out which games have been acquired by simply subscribing to the service, with lapsed players seeing a locked icon until their re-subscription. Games will soon be broken down via what is now installed on the system - labeled as "This PS4" in the library - and all of the items associated with your account via an option labeled with your name and avatar.

Family managers/guardians have the option to add extra game time through their smartphone or PC. The development team also added the option for you to play background music when playing games on PS Now.

If you'd like to be considered for all of our System Software Betas, in addition to completing enrolment for this System Software Beta, please also complete the general enrolment form below.

Other features coming along with this update include enhancements to the Quick Menu, notifications, and new customization options for Tournaments team pages. Sony also made tweaks to the music function, "Whenever you're listening to music on PS4, you'll be able to access certain shortcuts from the Quick Menu". As previously leaked those with a PlayStation 4 Pro but who do not own a 4K TV can take advantage of the Supersampling mode, which renders the image at a high resolution but then squishes it back in to 1080p. Instead, software version 5.50 adds a supersampling mode to the PS4 Pro. Over the course of a console's life, it's all but guaranteed to get new features, interface overhauls, and tweaks to make it more user-friendly.

Make sure to head over to the PlayStation Blog to get a full rundown on each of firmware 5.50's features.