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The sale is joined by an update to Steam Wishlists, an update that so far hasn't been met too warmly by Steam users. While this sale is certainly shorter than both of Steam's Winter and Summer Sales, the Lunar New Year is a welcomed sale since the removal of Steam's now-defunct Flash Sales, which would place some of the year's biggest hits on sale for just a few days before the offers would disappear. There's also the option to see the price of games that are below your Steam Wallet balance, $5, or $10. Not only are there a slew of discounts available, but Valve has also updated the Steam Wishlist with some new features.

To top the sale off, the new and improved Steam wishlist is now available for gamers to use and view. So now Steam displays the top-ranked tags for each item on your Wishlist.

Additionally, there are a now a couple of options created to help temporarily shrink your wishlist by hiding those games that you want to track but that you can't or don't want to buy just yet. Add these filters together, and it's now possible to quickly find an RPG you're interested in that's below a certain price threshold.

It's easier to keep track of Early Access titles now as any game currently in development on the list will reflect whether it's still in Early Access or has transitioned to a full release.

Steam's Lunar New Year sale is supposed to kick off today

The combination of filters and sort-orders users pick will also automatically save and apply next time the Wishlist is accessed.

There's also the ability to add items to the cart directly from the wishlist, which cuts down on clicks.

You can check out the new features on your Steam wishlist right now.