KXIP vs KKR Live Score

After releasing Batman: The Telltale Series and Book of Unwritten Tales 2 as some of the gifts for their loyal subscribers last month, the next set of games to be released for free under the Instant Game Collection for PlayStation Plus for February 2018 have now been announced by Sony.

You can pick up both the puzzle adventure Rime and platform/adventure title Knack this month, both excellent games that you can breeze through in a couple weekends for free.

If you're a sucker for vibrant worlds, chances are either title above will satisfy you during the short month that is February. Armed with your wits and a will to overcome, you must explore this mysterious island, reach the tower's peak, and unlock its closely guarded secrets. Knack is mankind's only hope for turning the tide against the invading goblin army, but trying to harness the true power of the relics could threaten to put the whole world at risk. In Spelunker HD you need to be careful to avoid bat guano, snacks, and dreaded ghosts, who are out to take you to the Shadow World.

Spelunker HD and Mugen Souls Z will be available for PS3 users.

First off, PlayStation Plus owners can look forward to the action-platformer Knack - a launch title for the console that came out in 2013.

And, don't forget - PlayStation Plus members can still get the the PlayStation VR game Starblood Arena as a bonus freebie through March 6. In this game, you compete against other pilots in arena combat; attack, evade and move in any direction in gameplay that was specifically built for VR. Many of you will be disappointed that the leak was a fake, but personally, I'd rather have Knack and Rime.