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The film with the nearly all-black cast was expected to do well, but its four-day holiday weekend opening haul of $242 million in the U.S. and $427 million worldwide was better than expected. That is the ninth-biggest Tuesday gross of all time and the seventh-biggest Tuesday gross not counting The Amazing Spider-Man ($35m) and Transformers ($36.6m) which opened on a Tuesday. Black Panther has earned $263.219m in five days, giving it the second-biggest five-day total ever, between Star Wars: The Last Jedi ($261.8m) and Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($325.4m). In contrast to this, T'Challa, or Black Panther, is trying to show that not only is violence not the way to solve your problems, but it will probably cause even more problems as well.

The Electoral Justice Project, a movement that seeks to continue a long legacy of social movements fighting for the advancement of the rights of the black people through electoral strategy in the United States has been targeting excited fans with a simple message- "While you wait, send a text". [Photo: Film Frame/Marvel Studios] The early aughts saw the rise of the Four-Quadrant Movie philosophy. The hype is well deserved, as the movie is great on many levels. It's a marketing system that benefits directors like Jon Favreau, whose films like Jungle Book, Iron Man, and Elf are custom-designed with the hugest possible audiences in mind.

"It's a good opportunity to engage with more people of colour". It also made $426 million worldwide and has yet to premiere in several major markets.

It also has the best Rotten Tomatoes score (Certified Fresh at 97 percent) of any Marvel Cinematic Universe film or superhero movie in history, according to Marvel. This film sees black characters and black culture as a central theme, and black people are finally shown as strong, resourceful and intelligent lead characters. The mid-range budget film has been dying a quiet death over the past decade, and with it have disappeared numerous romantic comedies and character-driven movies that let black people simply exist onscreen.

Each action scene had a certain goal, like when T'Challa - played by Chadwick Boseman - fights Erik Killmonger for the Wakandian throne. There is a full range of creative films from talented black artists that can succeed no matter how much (or little) money is behind them.