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"Entertainment is a much more competitive market than news is, and has become increasingly competitive".

She said of Radio 2, the home of DJ Evans: "It's the most listened-to radio station in Britain and they are operating within that market".

"The BBC has chosen who to compare with whom and what factors justify any gaps in pay".

The report comes as the BBC proposes a cap on pay for news presenters.

Some presenters told the committee that they were offered rises shortly before the BBC published its list of high earners. The BBC said that where there are more than 20 people in a job, staff will also be able to see where everyone else is positioned and it will do more to explain the pay of each presenter paid over £150,000 (US$210,000), especially where they do more than one role.

The BBC's proposals today, for instance, include some welcome transparency measures that should help to strip away some of the layers of obfuscation that the corporation has constructed.

Women has also urged the corporation to "avoid wasting licence fee money" in an "unwinnable" battle against female workers and instead asks that they apologise and set in motion an "equal, fair and transparent pay structure".

Almost 45 years after it was introduced, the rate of progress towards genuinely equal pay for men and women, and black and minority ethnic workers, is still shockingly slow.

In lower-profile roles, the gap is 12.6 per cent, "driven mainly by broad pay ranges and by the mix of men and women at different levels". We believe we are at the vanguard of wider change.

It blamed numerous difficulties on a "complex and bureaucratic system" created by too many job titles - more than 5,000 different titles and job descriptions.

The committee has also released the written evidence from the National Union of Journalists, which made similar bold allegations, claiming BBC management was engaged in illegal employment practices.

It is understood the BBC will now consult staff about the report's recommendations before deciding whether to adopt them.

Ahead of today's report a group of 170 women working at the BBC submitted evidence to a parliamentary Digital Culture, Media and Sport committee looking into issues around pay and equality.

"It is clear that the BBC still has a big problem in terms of gender pay", Collins said.

BBC Director General Tony Hall said that the report showed that the organisation had "real and important issues to tackle" and that he was determined to set things right, BBC reported.

Following the publication of the pay of talent earning more than £150,000 previous year, the BBC has been involved in controversy over the discrepancy of pay among employees, with Carrie Gracie resigning from her role as China editor in protest at inequalities.

Vine, Humphrys and Edwards have already agreed to take a voluntary cut in salary, along with radio host Nicky Campbell and political expert Nick Robinson.