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"We expect that the rights to peaceful assembly and expression of the Iranian people will be respected", Farhan Haq told reporters.

"And in reference to the Supreme Leader, quote: 'Feel some shame".

"And what we saw with the resolution was not helpful to the situation", she added.

"Those are not my words", Haley stressed.

The rivalry between the two regional powers has amplified the conflict which, along with tensions between North Korea and the United States, has sparked fears. "Those are the words of the fearless people of Iran".

Obama was initially reluctant to speak forcefully in favor of the demonstrations for fear the Iranian regime would undermine the grass-roots nature of the protests.

She said: "We must speak with one voice to expose the regime for what it is a threat to the piece and security of the entire world".

"The demonstrations are completely spontaneous", said Haley. "This is the precise picture of a long oppressed peoples rising up against their dictators".

UNRWA has made a point of perpetuating the refugee status of the descendants of those who fled their homes during the war that took place when surrounding Arab nations attacked Israel after the declaration of the establishment of the state in May 1948.

She noted that "dozens have already been killed", before harkening back to the failed Green Revolution in the first year of the Obama presidency. "Hundreds have been arrested".

Haley warned that "more outrageous abuses" can be expected in the following days, given what she called the precedent set by the Iranian government.

South Korea today offered talks with North Korea next week amid a standoff over its weapons programmes. "But if it does, we must bring even more measures to bear on the North Korean regime", Nikki Haley said at the UN's NY headquarters.

Iran's mission to the United Nations said the evidence was "fabricated" to serve a USA agenda.

"The people of Iran are crying out for freedom", Haley said at a news conference. All freedom-loving people must stand with their cause. "We must not make that mistake again".

Haley said the U.S.is calling for U.N. Security Council and Human Rights Council emergency sessions on Iran.