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"Because we have already suspended these accounts, the relevant content on Twitter is no longer publicly available".

Along with Google and Facebook, Twitter has been criticized for allowing the spread of bogus news - some of which was directed by Russian Federation - ahead of the 2016 U.S. election and in other countries.

Through its supplemental analysis, Twitter has also identified 13,512 additional accounts, for a total of 50,258 automated accounts that it identified as Russian-linked and tweeting election-related content during the election period.

The measures were taken to address concerns sparked by the 2016 presidential campaign, during which agents from Russia's infamous Internet Research Agency and other Russia-linked entities mounted a propaganda effort that boosted GOP candidate Donald Trump.

Of course, the numbers are much higher on Facebook - some 150 million people are estimated to have been reached by troll accounts there.

For anybody who followed or engaged with a Twitter account that faked like an American during the 2016 election season but was actually linked to a major Russian propaganda campaign, you're about to get an email.

Working with congressional investigators, Twitter is also sharing the account handles found with Congress.

"Any such activity represents a challenge to democratic societies everywhere", Twitter said.

In a blog post published Friday, Twitter said those accounts represented about 0.016% of the total subscribers on the platform at the time, but it emphasized the seriousness of the findings. The #releasethememo hashtag was tweeted by these accounts almost 4,000 in the last couple of days, the firm said. The company is now sending out emails to the 677,000 people who fell for the deception.

As the effort lead by some Republicans to curtail special counsel Robert Mueller III's investigation into the election meddling has heated up, Russian-linked accounts helped amplify a Twitter hashtag calling for the release of a memo the group hopes will help discredit Mueller's work, according to Hamilton 68, a research firm which tracks the malicious accounts.

"That is patently false". "The fact that there are thousands of posts that are easily findable is concerning". Twitter says that this specific pool of troll accounts generated 175,993 posts during the 2016 period of activity that Twitter has been analyzing, and the service noted that 8.4 percent of those posts were "election-related".