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Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server during her tenure as secretary of State has been the subject of controversy, as well as an FBI investigation.

Weiner started a 21-month sentence in December after being convicted of sexting a 15-year-old girl. The accusations included pay-to-play politics and other illegal activities while then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was serving.

The Freedom Of Information Act lawsuit that resulted in Friday's coming document-dump was filed in May 2015.

'We expect that we will be told that some of these classified materials were on Weiner's laptop, which is highly disturbing.

Citing an unnamed "ally" of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the Daily Beast reported that the Department of Justice plans to examine how much classified information passed through the server, who was responsible for removing that information from a classified environment, which enforcement entities knew about these matters and when.

'This is a disturbing development, ' Fitton said in September after the State Department revealed how many government emails and other documents ended up on Weiner's PC.

The FBI found thousands of emails exchanged between Clinton and Abedin while searching Weiner's laptop.

The FBI under ex-director James Comey investigated the former first lady's email and called her careless but declined to prosecute her.

FBI agents from Little Rock, Arkansas, where the Foundation began, had taken the lead in the investigation and interviewed at least one witness in the past month, the newspaper reported.

Brian Fallon, a former spokesman for the Justice Department and Clinton's presidential campaign, told the website he suspects that Justice officials are reopening the probe "to give Trump and his allies something to talk about and point to, and something to give Fox News to devote segments to".

It was unclear whether the emails were deemed classified at the time they were sent or when the State Department was preparing them for release.

It was just two days later when all hell broke loose.