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Capcom's Monster Hunter remains one of the company's most prolific properties, with players across the globe excited for its forthcoming installment, Monster Hunter: World.

Do note that these are full armor sets that can't be mixed and matched with other armor. Hunters without SFV save data needn't worry about time constraints, since the same Event Quest will be swinging back at a future date for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players.

In "just a few weeks", Ryu and Sakura from Street Fighter V will be coming to Monster Hunter: World in the form of armor sets. Just channel your fighting spirit, complete that quest and you'll get "SFV Tickets" as the special reward item. "Bring that, along with other necessary materials, to the Smithy and you got yourself a Ryu armor set".

"Not long after" all players can earn the Ryu set, and two new Event Quests will be added to rotation on both PS4 and Xbox One to allow players to earn both the Ryu and Sakura sets.

There is also the Digital Deluxe Edition which will come with a Samurai Set Skin, three gestures, two sticker set, new face paint and hairstyle.

Whether you're a fan of Street Fighter or Monster Hunter franchises, you'll love what's in store (literally). The video above shows off the armors in question while also demonstrating some premium gestures and chat stamps, all of which had their prices detailed in the blog post as well.