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A forum building for community events and programming, an athletic center for the community, outdoor plaza and library building will also be built in honor of Obama's legacy. The presidential library will be housed on the city's South Side in the Jackson Park neighborhood.

Barack Obama may be the pride of University of Chicago, but a lot of heavy hitters there are strongly opposing current plans for his library.

The Obama Foundation submitted its planned development and lakefront protection ordinance applications for the Obama Presidential Center on Wednesday, but the plan still faces some opposition.

The Obama Foundation said in a statement that despite the criticism the organization has received about the project, the foundation appreciates the feedback and looks forward to working with the community to gain their support for the center. However, it questions the decision to locate the center in Jackson Park. "The majority of the space will be free and open to the public". But the patchwork "remedies" presented by the Obama Foundation do not address the fundamental problem of Jackson Park being the wrong choice for the center.

A parking lot, of course, privileges cars and those who can afford them.

The new design proposal comes shortly after the Obama Foundation said it would acquiesce to public concern, replacing a proposed multilevel parking structure with an underground garage. "Overall, this is a socially regressive plan".

The Obama Center wasted taxpayer money.

. According to the letter, infrastructure improvements related to the project will cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

The letter closes with a blistering criticism of the project's estimated cost, which the professors argue will easily exceed $100 million and fall exclusively on the shoulders of the taxpayer. "We are concerned that these are not the best ways to use public funds to invest in the future of Chicago", the letter says.