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The Nintendo Switch may be the company's most popular recent release over the past year, but don't count out the Nintendo 3DS system. But with all the praise lavished upon the Switch, the Nintendo 3DS has done pretty well for itself, too. Collectively, the 3DS has sold more than 21 million units in the USA to date.

How do you get to 4.8m Switches in ten months? This week Nintendo announced that the Nintendo Switch sold more units in December than any other video game system, according to the NPD Group, but sales for the Nintendo 3DS were also very impressive. On the other hand, the Switch has sold more consoles in its first ten months than any other console in USA history.

3DS hardware sold more than 750,000 units in the United States in December, which is a 27 percent increase over the same period in 2016. The Switch has also gone on to become the fastest-selling console in USA history. It is setting new sales record for Nintendo which should prove to be good news for them after the lackluster sale of the Nintendo Wii U. Last week Microsoft revealed the Xbox One bested the PS4 in December, but ultimately came in second to the Nintendo Switch, and now The Big N has revealed some details of their own. As for the software, most of the Switch games were in the top for the overall software sales as shared by Nintendo. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon for 3DS also finished at numbers 13 and 14, respectively.