KXIP vs KKR Live Score

"That's pretty cool, man", Johnson said Thursday night when told that he got a vote.

Here's his revealing tweet from three and a half years ago. He was traded the next off-season The year prior, Andre Iguodala was a coaches selection to the He was gone the following year as well. McConnell came by and offered his own. He is one of only six players who have those kind of numbers, including Lebron, Western Conference starter DeMarcus Cousins and Russell Westbrook (who also got snubbed, but the guards in the West are really good).

When asked by Jessica Camerato of NBC Sports about the Sixers' potential first round match-ups, Embiid had a typical response.

His 26 points, 16 rebounds and 6 assists marked Embiid's 20th double-double of the season and single-handedly swung the Celtics game in the 76ers favor.

It's crucial for the Sixers to win games like this. It was yet another small milestone in a season defined by steady, but incremental progress.

"I felt like I would have been extra motivated if I had not been a starter", Embiid said. "It's bigger than me".

"His story of perseverance is remarkable, and his story as it reflects the organization and the process that we've all been going through is a wonderful story. At this point, it's just a strength program and doing what's best for that". The Process has quickly passed into National Basketball Association legend.

Embiid was one of the top vote-getters for Eastern Conference front-court players, earning more than 1.2 million votes.

In that, he was not alone.

The starting nod is quite an accomplishment for the young center, whose career began with ongoing injury concerns and is now playing in his first full season after an abridged 2016-17 campaign. "I am super proud that I can represent the Celtics in (Los Angeles) and looking forward to putting on a show.".

Joel Embiid trusts the process.

The Celtics had won the previous three matchups this season. Incremental, but steady, progress may be the mantra but now that comes with All-Star recognition. Will Joel Embiid finally get his date with Rihanna? In fact, he's not just an All-Star. "Obviously a few days will definitely put me where I need to be, and we'll just see what goes on for Sunday's game". In 2017, Embiid denied in an interview with ESPN's Dan LeBatard that it was the Bad Gal who previously given him the All-Star swerve, saying, "It's not who everybody thinks it is", and later answering the question of whether or not it's Rihanna with a definitive, "No". Let the celebration begin.